Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I WOULD LIKE to thank everyone who rode in the Toys for Tots motorcycle ride put on by Augusta HOG Chapter 2371 and sponsored by Augusta Harley-Davidson. Because it was our first annual ride, I was very excited to have 60 bikes and around 110 people participate.

JUST AS GOD punished us with 9/11, he is punishing us now by bringing a drought upon all Georgians for their misplaced support of George Bush. Repent, and the rains will come.

RANT TO THE Georgia Supreme "left wing-liberal-bleeding heart" Court. Child molesters are now free to create havoc with our children.

A RANT TO THE person who is concerned about the horrible living conditions at the jail on Walton Way. I am very concerned, too, about the drug addicts, rapists, murderers, etc., residing there on taxpayer money -- the same taxpayers that they victimized.

WE NEED an outlet mall! Not another high-end mall.

I THOUGHT GAMBLING was illegal in the state of Georgia. If so, why is the Georgia Lottery allowed to swindle poor people out of their money? Each night at 6:59 p.m. on TV, the same person comes out in basically the same suit, and the wheels begin to turn. What's so ironic, you never see the man's face again until all the numbers have fallen.

I WOULD LIKE to be the first to get my New Year's resolution in. I will try to educate more drivers. If you are not passing somebody, stay to the right if possible. Doing exactly the speed limit, your speedometer may be off, and if it's correct that's called malicious compliance, which is also illegal. Impeding the flow of traffic: If there's more than three cars behind you, pull to the right or make a right turn. Do a 180 and fall behind the rest of traffic since you are obviously too slow. And no illegal stopping for unescorted funerals.

JUST A MESSAGE to other moviegoers. During the holidays, many people enjoy going to the movies with their families. When we pay $9 after 3 p.m. to see a movie, we'd like to enjoy it. When the message comes up reminding you to silence your cell phone -- please do. It'll help us to enjoy the movie.

FOR THOSE who pride themselves in multitasking while driving (young or old): All you do is risk your life as well as the lives of others. Come on, a 63-year-old driving an 18-wheeler, doing his log books, eating a three-piece chicken dinner and talking on his cell phone?

I HOPE I AM never on the interstate at the same time the 63-year-old trucker is eating his three-piece chicken dinner, doing his log books and talking on his cell phone!

I AGREE concerning the belly-dancing show at the Imperial Theatre. This was one of the best performances I have seen anywhere, and only a handful of people were in attendance.

THIS IS A RAVE for The Augusta Chronicle and for the circulation department. Especially for the little girl you got down there -- Sabrina. She does an excellent job.

A RANT TO the Georgia Department of Transportation and the city leaders of Augusta for continually tearing up Interstate 20 and making it almost impossible to get around in the city. You are making it too much like Atlanta, and you need to stop.

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