Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THIS IS A RAVE FOR Judge Watkins for standing with the young man in front of the mall who was holding a sign for the crime he committed. The judge stood there with him and even though he was embarrassed it was a good thing. This is for you, Judge Watkins!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Richmond County for breaking up some gangs. I was wondering when North Augusta was going to break up the gangs around the middle school?

I'D LIKE TO have a rave for the Richmond County sheriff's department as well as the ATF and any narcotics agency, FBI, etc., for getting all this criminal activity off the street of Augusta. I'd like to make a comment to all these young mothers who have children by these criminals. Come forward. I'm sure you're out there. Get your child support. You're entitled to it. Let's put the cards on the table.

A WOMAN WROTE a letter to the editor complaining about a stray cat in her upscale neighborhood. I'm sure if the cat had known that, it would have looked for a low-income neighborhood.

IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, we can look forward to Christmas decorations still up at Easter time. Is this just laziness or do they just not understand holiday decorations?

I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED in The Augusta Chronicle for not mentioning the 44th anniversary of our dear belated President John F. Kennedy. Happy Thanksgiving.

WE IN SOUTH CAROLINA appreciate Georgia Gov. Perdue's prayers for rain. We should hope our governor would do the same.

XMART OUGHT TO be able to have its license. I am tired of going to South Carolina to their sex store. When could we have one in Augusta?

A BIG RAVE FOR the very nice lady at the Walgreen's Drug Store who paid for my candy, gave me a big hug, wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you!

I PROMISE, if you will keep your cats and dogs off of the highway, I will NOT hit them. Honestly.

THANK YOU FOR THE ARTICLES regarding the cats. Our neighbors seem to think that the cat has free range and I was handed the paper on how to keep the cat from coming into the yard. This is absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous.

ON FRIDAY, NOV. 23, the gates at Magnolia Cemetery were locked at quarter to 11. Why were the gates to the cemetery locked at 10:45 a.m. on a day after a holiday when lots of people were in town and would like to visit the cemetery to see their loved ones' graves?

I THINK YOU NEED TO MAKE a Georgia law saying all persons who drive cannot use cell phones. I think that needs to be a law.

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