Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RANT TO ALL the police cars parking on the yellow curb in front of the Law Enforcement Center at 401 Walton Way. If there was a fire, the fire trucks could not get close to the building. Besides isn't it against the law to park on a yellow curb?

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why the Corps of Engineers, what with Thurmond Dam being in its control, can't control the water level at Thurmond Lake? Surely the Savannah River hasn't dried up and is still flowing to the sea.

I SAY DON'T LET this global warming hue-and-cry worry you. Changes in weather patterns have been going on since the beginning of time and it will come back around to normal in due time. It runs in cycles, believe me.

A RANT TO THE public defender's office. Let me say I know that my child should not have broken the law. How come there is only one black investigator working them? I know a white investigator can do the same job, but we as blacks feel more comfortable talking to someone who looks like us.

THIS IS A RANT for anyone to question the recent arrests of the gang people. I don't care how old or young they were, the parents of the minors should have raised them better, and the ones of age should have known better.

I AGREE, SOUTH AUGUSTA needs some department stores and another restaurant.

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