Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT TO THE football team looking for donations at the corner of Wrightsboro Road and Augusta West Parkway. You might get more money if the players pulled their pants up.

I WOULD LIKE TO give a BIG RAVE to Dr. Spratling and his whole team for the kind and gentle way they treat the children in their dental office.

A RAVE FOR West Augusta Little League Yankees, who won the final fall ball tournament. Hats off to coach Tim Wright, who did a great job with the boys this year. WAY TO GO YANKEES!!!!!

RAVE: ANYONE LOOKING for great people, go to University Hospital or Augusta Oncology on Wheeler Road or Family Physicians of Evans. All great.

I'D RATHER HAVE water to drink than see green grass and flowers. So to all the businesses and churches that are still watering your lawn -- I will not go to your business, I will not got to your church.

IF GEORGIA HAS a severe drought problem then why is the military police at Fort Gordon washing their vehicles three times a day, seven days a week?

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for cleaning up south Augusta! It has been needing cleaning up for a LONG time!

A RANT AGAINST your newspaper. We have been getting the paper since 1977 and every time we put in a rant or rave, you won't print it. Shame on you.

I AM AN ELDERLY WOMAN on a very fixed income, but I have said it before and I will say it again, we need to pay our sheriff's officers more money and if it means raising my tax, then raise it!

I HAVE A BIG RAVE Gov. Perdue for praying for rain, and a heartfelt thanks to God for sending it!

BIG THANKS TO Ronnie Strength and the men and women of the Richmond County sheriff's department. Good job! Thanks for Richmond County!

A BIG RAVE TO the Richmond County sheriff's department on the gang bust. We watched as they took some of our neighborhood people and arrested them and we are proud of that. It's amazing how much our neighborhood has quieted down.

WHY DOES AUGUSTA want a race track when we already have one. It is called Bobby Jones Expressway!

A HUGE RAVE TO Sheriff Strength, his men and women and the ATF. As a lifelong native of Augusta from the Tobacco Road, Windsor Spring Road area, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting the worthless thugs and scum off the street. Please don't stop there, get them all off! Let the gangs know they have no place in Augusta, Ga. Get rid of all of them!

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