Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THE LAKESIDE COACH said he made a mistake. It wasn't a mistake, it was plain and simple cheating.

A RAVE FOR Mary Frances Best from Harlem. She is a fantastic little girl and she is the Christian dedicated to the Lord. Not only did she win the LEGO competition, she has raised funds doing Hurricane Katrina and school packages. Just all sorts of stuff.

A RANT TO THE Board of Education. How is it right to suspend a student for three, five or 10 days for tardies? When the school is so overcrowded you can't get through the hallways. Students are standing around everywhere and its hard to get through.

A RANT FOR the welfare system here in Georgia. I work at a corner grocery. There's a lady that comes in every day and buys $20 worth of lottery tickets. She tells us that she has been on welfare for 14 years. I wish I had $20 to spend on lottery tickets. Maybe if I got on welfare I would.

A RAVE FOR Andy Cheek. I absolutely love the idea of having the water from the canal down Ellis Street. I can already imagine myself having lunch there one afternoon. So I don't know what all is involved but I certainly hope that comes to pass.

A HUGE RAVE for the loving, caring, friendly people that work at Family Physicians of Evans, Augusta Urology, Dr. Clarke's office and the University Hospital CT outpatient.

A RANT FOR THE person that wrote in that they hope people get their flu shots since they don't want to get coughed at or sneezed on. Well, I suggest you get to the store and buy you a mask because anywhere you go people are going to be coughing or sneezing.

EVERYONE STOP jumping on the young disabled veteran. I agree with him. He joined the military voluntarily to defend his country, not to defend a lie that was told by George Bush.

LAST YEAR I CALLED for not buying anything for Christmas made in China. This year I am not buying anything that is not 100 percent made in America.

A RANT TO people who have their cats declawed and then let them outside.

I WISH THAT when everybody loses a loved one that they would put the picture of the loved one in the obituary. A lot of time we recognize pictures more than names. And sometimes when people die that we know, we don't have a picture of them to see them one last time and the people that have passed away deserve to be in the paper.

SINCE THE PRICE of gas has gone up, have you noticed how many government vehicles are being used for personal use? This is a waste of tax payers' money and so unfair.

THE REPUBLICANS JUST want a level playing field. They just want to eliminate the unfair advantages of the homeless and the jobless. That's why they are pushing the fair tax and great tax bill.

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