Victims assured opinions matter

Homer Moore's children got their first chance to speak for him Thursday, 26 years after he was murdered.


It was hard; it brought all the pain back as if it had just happened again. But all three, Ike Moore, Nancy Chapman and Sadye June Corry, said they were happy they had the chance to talk with members of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Members of the parole board, Department of Corrections, probation department and the district attorney's victim assistance office met with crime victims and their families in Augusta on Thursday.

It was an important visit for the Moore family. One of the men accused of killing their father is up for parole. They traveled from Greene County to share their opinion on the possible release of Isaac Williams, and how July 24,1981, forever changed their lives.

It was good to meet and talk to the people who make parole decisions, Mr. Moore said.

The parole board is serious about giving victims a voice and ensuring they are kept informed of any developments, said Gale Buckner, vice chairwoman of the board.

To reach more people, the board has started meeting with victims and their families outside Atlanta. They began holding meetings throughout the state last year.

More than 40 victims and family members came to Thursday's event.

For the Moore family, it was a healing event, one they recommend to others.

"It just helps to know someone still cares, someone will listen," Ms. Chapman said.

Anyone who was unable to attend Thursday's session may contact the office of victim services for the parole board and corrections department for assistance.

Victims can register to ensure that they are kept informed of changes in an inmate's status, upcoming parole considerations or release dates, and where an inmate is housed.

Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or


To reach the office of victim services for the parole board and corrections department, you can: call (800) 593-9474, send letters to 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive S.E., Suite 458, East Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334 or visit