Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


GRAY MILK? Such an absurd idea was actually considered by Georgia's leaders? How many centuries did man drink raw milk, yet we continue to exist? I know we drank it in the '40s and '50s.

ERIK ESTRADA obviously can't get acting work, so he lives off his fame. But why should politicians stand around "congratulating him" for child safety seats? In Augusta, he shakes the hands of ambition, and the U.S. continues to crave "name recognition" rather than substance.

GOOD FOR FULTON COUNTY DA Paul Howard for suing Judge Hilton Fuller for screwing up the public defender system and letting private attorneys collect over $2 million to "defend" Brian Nichols.

GEORGIA AND South Carolina governments will jointly own a giant port at Savannah? Stand by for a giant logjam.

BARAK OBAMA, educated in a Muslim school in Indonesia, claims to be a Christian of some sort. He has no knowledge or experience at running even a one-man lemonade stand, yet he insists he should control the government of our country. Anybody who falls for this deserves trouble.

NAME RECOGNITION is going to help sink us, because it keeps us from getting leadership with substance. Now actor Danny Glover, who has hugged and supported South American dictator Cesar Chavez, is supporting John Edwards. What does this tell us about Edwards? He'll go along with anybody who has "name recognition."

I HAVE A BIG RANT for all those registered voters who think it is all right not to show up and vote during an election. They have no right to complain about the outcome. They are just lazy.

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