Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RAVE TO THE Columbia County person who wrote in about getting speed bumps. My wife and I, and other neighbors, were told that there wasn't enough traffic and the cars weren't speeding fast enough to earn them in our neighborhood. So I guess we'll continue to keep our kids from riding their bikes and hope we're not run over by one of those "rare" speeders.

WHILE I AM NOT one to agree with liberals or Democrats, the fact remains: If we don't stop replacing trees with asphalt and concrete, the Earth is going to be uninhabitable. We must put a halt to all this development and find a better way, and it must be based on biblical principals or we will all face God's wrath.

A RAVE FOR Karen Wright and her article on the opinion page. All her ideas are great ones. The city should follow through.

TO THE YOUNG disabled veteran: There is no draft in our country. You chose to enlist in the service. Don't blame the president.

I HAVE LIVED near Interstate 20 for 25 years. The trees didn't need to be cut down. I've never once witnessed a tree jumping onto the interstate and killing someone. Fatal accidents are caused by speeding, driving under the influence and talking on cell phones.

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