FBI gets new man as state director

Associated Press
David Thomas, the new FBI Special Agent in charge for South Carolina, was chief of cyber crime investigations.

COLUMBIA --- The new head of the FBI in South Carolina sits in his corner office and smiles, recalling his work on the popular Fox television drama 24 and the film The Matrix .

"I did a lot of consulting on TV projects, movie projects, because of my technical background," said Special Agent in Charge David Thomas, 46, whose expertise is in computer crimes. "I love film, and animation and computer-generated graphics."

Mr. Thomas' first day as the head of the FBI in South Carolina was Monday.

From 2004 to 2006, Mr. Thomas served as chief of the FBI's cyber crime investigations, focusing on illegal activity on the Internet. From headquarters in Washington, Mr. Thomas was responsible for directing the FBI's efforts to combat international computer crimes.

Mr. Thomas also brings expertise in counterterrorism. During the first 10 years, Mr. Thomas worked in the Tampa, Fla., eventually taking over as supervisor on domestic terrorism cases.