Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A HUGE RAVE FOR a young man at Publix. I'm a veteran, and I had my Army cap on. He said thank you for serving our country. It brought tears to my eyes. God bless you, young man. Thank you.

ABOUT THE COUPLE that got charged with a sister's death: That house looked like a real mess. I think the neighbors should have known. They should have called the police.

WE AMERICANS, WHO pay people in Washington to run our country, find they are so busy trying to give benefits, rights and driver's licences to the Mexicans, they don't have time to help us. We need to get all these people out of there.

A RANT TO THE RANT LINE! I've called twice about the traffic at the Augusta Regional Airport. They don't help the handicapped.

TO THE PERSON RANTING about fire trucks as first responders: I'm very grateful to the first responders because they saved my husband from a heart attack and a stroke, and if it had not been for them, he may not be alive now.

AUGUSTA COMMISSIONERS have fallen off their rockers. They let a murder scene open up after only two months. Family members don't get over their grief that soon.

EVENTUALLY, OUR legislators will pass a law that will make it illegal to use a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. It will happen after a few people are killed in vehicle accidents where an operator of a vehicle was using a cell phone. Even a hands-free cell phone in use will have the operator's attention rather than their attention to operating the vehicle.

A RAVE FOR THOSE who don't believe that angels walk among us. Leroy from Gold Mech has come to my aid every time.

TO THE PERSON COMPLAINING about no local news on Saturdays on TV. There is on Channel 12. It might not be the station that you watch local news on, but it is at least better than nothing.

AUGUSTA COMMISSIONERS can't take care of botanical gardens, sidewalks, Regency Mall, library and weeds. What makes them think they can take care of our city and build a canal?

WHEN SOMEONE SAID they don't have any TV news on Saturday, tell them all they got to do is turn to CNN.

THIS IS A RANT for University Hospital. My girlfriend was there with chest pains, and nobody helped her within an hour and a half. This is the whole reason it is called the emergency room. Also, I have a rant for the horoscopes in the newspaper. We would hopefully like to have it back.

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