Little girl's legacy is a life lived with love


Meagan Mackie loved The Cheetah Girls , That's So Raven , American Idol and Dancing with the Stars .


She also loved Sunday school, her classmates and gymnastics, her family said.

Her parents say they are left with the memory of those affections.

Five-year-old Meagan, of North Augusta, died Oct. 26 while at her day care from complications from an enlarged heart, her family said.

"She enjoyed interacting with her family and all types of people," said her mother, Angela Watson Mackie.

Her parents said they mourn the loss of their only child, but have found an inner peace.

"We do it for Meagan," said her father, Martin "Marty" Mackie, a 42-year-old delivery truck driver.

"I come from a family of preachers and deacons, so, we'll always call on our faith," he said.

The couple said their daughter had a heart condition since birth and had undergone open-heart surgery at 7 months.

"She was able to live through the (heart) defect, thanks to the operation," her mother said. "You never would have known she had a condition. She had a special toughness.

"I saw Meagan for the last time when I dropped her off about 7:50 a.m.," her mother said. "I hugged her, kissed her, and she said, ''Bye, Mommy, have a nice day and see you later.' "

Meagan died in the school's gymnasium, just before dismissal time.

Mr. Mackie said he'll miss their Saturday mornings.

"That's when I'd cook breakfast before Meagan and I would go shopping at Augusta Mall. Whatever she wanted, I would do for her," Mr. Mackie said.

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