Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


TEDDY KENNEDY MADE his typical speech against the U.S. using "torture." What about Chappaquiddick where Teddy swam away without lifting a finger to help?

A RAVE FOR THE nice little lady that walks down Brown Road and picks up the garbage as she's walking. We really appreciate her doing that. We're just sorry that she has to do that.

IN RESPONSE TO the person who said they got relief reading Sunday comics, I don't see how. There ain't nothing to the Sunday comics any more.

A RAVE FOR PAT who works at 3226 Wrightsboro Road at Walgreen's. She is so sweet and so nice. I like to go in there and have her help me, 'cause she'll help me with anything.

I HEARTILY AGREE with a suggestion of a 2 percent sales tax addition designated only for the sheriff's department. They really do need it. We need more deputies. We need more investigators. And we need somebody besides the fox to watch the hen house.

I SEE SEMI TRUCKS going down Ellis Street, knocking down cable lines and telephone lines when there are alley people who live on Ellis Street. They have no regard. They are not supposed to be on Ellis Street because it is a residential area. I think the commission should do something about it.

A RANT AGAINST Andy Cheek. You have done nothing for District 6. Go to North Augusta and have a happy life.

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