Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE FOR the policeman that pulled me over on Walton Way Friday night. He let me go with a warning so that I could get to the hospital to be with my dog before he died, and I appreciate that.

THANKS TO THE Richmond County Sheriff's Department for the great job patrolling our neighborhood on Halloween night.

PEOPLE WHO OWN pit bull dogs that have attacked people should be placed in a fenced-in backyard with four pit bull dogs that do not know them and let them see what it's like.

A RANT ABOUT the Brian Nichols situation. The judicial system is screwed up. All Brian Nichols is doing is like Reinaldo Rivera that killed all these people and raped them and stuff. He's getting fat as a cat at the taxpayers' expense.

CONGRATULATIONS OUT THERE, Bobby, in south Augusta. I know it took you a long time to get that house paid for, but you finally got it done. And now it's home, sweet home for you. We're so glad that you got your home paid for, Bobby. We hope you enjoy living there. It is a nice little home. Goodbye, and I hope you read this, Bobby.

A RAVE FOR SOME of the trick-or-treaters at Creek Falls. We had run out of candy and a little dinosaur came up and he wanted to give us some of his candy to share. And then later on a little princess came up and said she had plenty of candy and wanted to leave it with us. Hooray for some parents who are trying to make their children to grow up to be very good adults.

GOODBYE, ELLIS STREET. Hello, Connell Street. It seems someone has lost contact with reality. Thank you very much.

A RANT FOR THOSE WHO do not bathe. That's why there's not a drought in Augusta. It's because about a third of the people in Augusta do not bathe. They walk around in the clothes that they slept in the night before. Come on, people. It don't take that much water and soap is cheap.

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