Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


AUGUSTA OUGHT TO forget about the Ellis Street canal project. Instead, they ought to think about river gambling boats.

RANT TO THE HEARTLESS person who dumped the kitten off at Bunting Road park in North Augusta.

KEEP UP THE good work, Greenbaum. Seems like you and the majority of the American people are getting through to some.

RICHMOND DEPUTIES NEED to do a better patrol of Highway 56 toward Burke County. We were driving up Highway 56 going to Hephzibah-McBean Road when a drunk man on a motorcycle flipped. His motorcycle ran us off the road and he got up and ran away. I just think there needs to be better patrolling.

RIGHT NOW IN Augusta, I think people's confidence in our local government is pretty low. I think the confidence in Washington and our government up there is pretty low. So what is happening? Maybe we just need to clean house.

THIS IS TO THE person who said driving the speed limit would cause traffic jams. Speeders running up on traffic, that causes the jam.

WHY IS IT CITY bus drivers are not attaching the floor chairs to the wheels of the passenger's wheelchairs?

A RANT FOR the waitresses who likes to steal other waitresses' tips off the table. Me and my mother experienced it first hand Saturday on Bobby Jones. So, waitresses, watch your tables.

TO THE PERSON WHO is sick of Rants & Raves printing comments about our president: If our president ever did something worthy of praise, that would also be printed.