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If you are in an abusive relationship and want to get out, consider these tips from the Center for Equal Justice of South Carolina:


- Have at least two places to go.

- Find people who can help; ask someone to keep your emergency bag.

- Keep change for pay phones or get a new cell phone.

- Open a bank account or credit card in your name only.

- Plan and practice how you will leave the home safely with children and pets.

- Keep the number for a local shelter in a safe place.

In your escape kit, pack:

- Money

- House and car keys

- Clothes and any medicine

- Keepsake pictures

- Toys for children

- Important papers such as birth certificates, school and medical records, bank books, credit cards, driver's license, car registration, passports/green cards/work permits, lease agreement and mortgage payment book

- Unpaid bills

- Insurance papers

- Divorce and custody orders

- Address book

Source: Center for Equal Justice of South Carolina