Deer cause accidents in county

Saturday was a bad day for deer and motorists in Jenkins County.


The sheriff's office reported seven accidents involving the animals on county roads in the mostly rural community 50 miles south of Augusta.

With deer out foraging and preparing for winter, and the male deer also out looking to mate, the number of accidents are "normal for this time of year, especially in rural counties," a dispatcher said.

No people were reported injured in Saturday's accidents.

The sheriff's office warned drivers who were heading to Jenkins County or any other rural county to be careful.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Georgia's abundant deer population makes it one of the nation's leaders in deer-vehicle accidents.

Tips for avoiding hitting a deer include:

- Use special caution in areas marked with deer crossing signs.

- If you see one deer, expect there will be others. Slow down and be alert.

- Do not swerve your vehicle to avoid striking a deer. It is better to hit a deer than another vehicle or a fixed object.

- Continually scan the fields and areas next to the road for deer. Often, you can see them approaching the road and can slow down.

- During night, use your bright lights when no traffic is approaching. The high beams will illuminate the eyes of the deer approaching the road or already in the road.

- Always drive at a safe and prudent speed.

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