New I-20 ramps will open

Jim Blaylock/Staff
Davis Road and a portion of Walton Way Extension are being widened to four lanes. The growth should ease exit ramp traffic.

New entrance and exit ramps will soon open at Interstate 20 and Walton Way Extension, providing a detour for a ramp that will close days later at the interstate and Bobby Jones Expressway.


Weather permitting, the new I-20 ramps along Walton Way Extension are scheduled to open Oct. 16, Rusty Merritt, a Georgia Department of Transportation district construction engineer, said Friday. At that time, traffic signals at the interchange that are in flash mode will be activated.

Mr. Merritt said the northbound Walton Way Extension ramp will serve as a detour when the I-20 westbound ramp leading to northbound Bobby Jones is closed. That closing should occur a couple of days after the Walton Way Extension ramps open, he said.

"Even way back when we were planning this thing, the plan was to get Davis Road open to traffic before we really got into the nuts and bolts of working on these ramps at the (Bobby Jones) interchange. And we're just about there," Mr. Merritt said.

The ramp leading from southbound Bobby Jones to eastbound I-20 also will be closed at a to-be-determined date. Motorists will be required to use a Walton Way Extension ramp as a detour, Mr. Merritt said.

Mr. Merritt said the ramps at I-20 and Bobby Jones would likely be closed for "several months." The closing is needed to rebuild the ramps as part of a major interchange project that will ultimately add two flyover ramps, replacing two of Bobby Jones' cloverleaf designs on the west side of I-20.

The new ramps at Walton Way Extension, which leads to Davis Road, are part of a $22 million project to widen the extension and Davis Road to four lanes from Washington Road to Skinner Mill Road. One ramp will provide access from Walton Way Extension to eastbound I-20, and the other will serve as an exit ramp for westbound I-20 traffic.

Mr. Merritt said construction on the Davis Road/Walton Way Extension thoroughfare is on sched- ule for completion in February.

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