Murder suspect is found

Donald Gamble: Suspect in the killing of Quamaine Rickman was found in Dade County, Fla.

A murder suspect who has eluded capture for the past couple of months was caught Friday.


Donald Hugh Gamble Jr. was arrested in Dade County, Fla., after an anonymous caller tipped off police of his whereabouts, said Tom Johnson, a Richmond County homicide investigator.

Mr. Gamble is accused of fatally shooting Quamaine Rickman in the back July 14. Last week, the sheriff's office raised the reward money for his capture, but Investigator Johnson doesn't believe that factored into the caller's actions.

"I honestly believe this person was more motivated in getting a murderer off the streets than the monetary reward," he said.

The caller tipped police off that Mr. Gamble was in a Dade County store, the investigator said. Local sheriff's deputies there noticed someone fitting the suspect's description and made the arrest without incident.

The arrest brought relief to Richard Owen, who was roommates with Mr. Rickman and was on Walker Street when he was shot.

He was driving Mr. Rickman to the hospital when he died in his arms, Mr. Owen said.

"Nothing is going to bring Quamaine back, but having this guy off the street is very good news to me," Mr. Owen said. "I'm extremely elated that he's not out walking around."

Mr. Gamble was in the Dade County jail Friday awaiting extradition.

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