Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


MARION WILLIAMS: Bourgeoisied?!? I have no idea what this means (or what he meant) but it surely made me laugh!

MY RANT IS for young girls wearing pajamas outside in public, sometimes to include bedroom shoes.

IF OUR NATION is worried about obese children, then why are school lunchrooms selling ice cream every day?

SHOW ME A YOUNG WOMAN driving an SUV, and I will show you a woman driving and yappin' on her cell phone.

HERE'S A SUGGESTION for a new name for your Rants & Raves column. It should be called "Asininities". Every day they get sillier and sillier. Maybe you could have two columns. One for the stupid, silly things and one for the serious, thought-provoking issues that give evidence that there is truly intelligent life forms in the CSRA area.

A RANT TO HOW a Petersburg boat will look with a garbage truck mounted on top as it slows down the new Ellis Street canal. And also, how tall will all the bridges have to be on the cross streets for the length of the new canal?

A RAVE FOR the canal on Ellis Street. I've been to San Antonio and it's a great thing.

AND THE OSCAR goes to: Michael Vick.

THEY SHOULD POUR gravy on Vick and put him in a cell with two rotts. What's good for the goose ...

THIS AREA IS IN serious need of better drivers training. Bubba teaching Bubba just isn't working.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as an illegitimate child, only a fatherless child or a motherless child.

HEY, WOODY MERRY, I live in south Augusta, and I sure hope you run for office and give them something to think about.

TO THE PEOPLE whining about trees being cut down on Bobby Jones: Stop crying! How is Augusta supposed to flourish if we don't make the necessary changes?

LET'S SEE ... kill a few dogs and get 18-24 months in jail. Kill a few unborn babies and earn $180,000 to $240,000 a year. Something is wrong here.

BIG RAVE to Mayor Deke in leading the way to common sense help. Thanks for giving up the choice parking spot for someone who better needs to park closer to the door.

EDITORIAL FROM The Seattle Times talks about AIDS research as "exciting times" and "exhilaration." What's exciting or exhilarating about AIDS?

COULD ANYONE PLEASE explain what it signifies when a young male runs around in public with half of his underwear exposed above his trousers? Is he doing this to tease young women or what? And it doesn't seem to bother him at all when he is constantly trying to pull his trousers up.

RAVE ... I, too, was lucky to have been referred to Dr. Michael MacFee ... I'd like to add three more of Augusta's caring physicians ... Dr. Kelly Norman, Dr. Kathy Chance and Dr. Stanley Smith. These four are tops along with their very caring staffs.