Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT To the male driver who got out of his car and went in because he was upset at the Walgreen's drive-through workers. You didn't have to block those of us behind you.

TO THE PERSON who wrote about America being founded by those coming from another country: My father came here when he was 17, but he and others like him did not crawl under or jump a fence to do it. He did it the legal way.

IS COLUMBIA COUNTY just trying to see how much trash can move into our county by allowing more and more low-income apartment complexes?

WILL THE SMOKERS on Broad Street please pick up your butts and place them in the trash?

TWO THINGS I'M TIRED OF: An apology from an apprehended lawbreaker and the strapless wedding gowns that resemble a towel wrapped around a lovely bride.

A RANT FOR MANY of this country's mortgage lenders: You sent housing prices into an inflationary spiral by approving loans to unqualified buyers. Now you, or someone, is stuck with all those bad loans.

A RANT TO THE TV stations whose sound fluctuates during programs so that I have trouble hearing and have to constantly raise and lower the sound. A rave to WJBF (Channel 6), because theirs does not do this.

IT SEEMS TO ME that a person who doesn't like the Rants & Raves shouldn't read them. I really liked the one about the toilet flowers.

RICHMOND COUNTY BOARD of Education should be ashamed of the condition of the Glenn Hills High School softball field. I took my mother to watch her granddaughter play, and there were no bleachers or concession stand.

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