Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I JUST WANT TO say stop complaining about Rants & Raves. I used to write letters to the editor, but I'm very old now and my hand shakes a lot and I cannot write. So when I have something that's important to me I say it on Rants & Raves.

THANK GOD FOR Judge Dickert's resignation.

A RANT FOR customer service in India. Let's bring customer service for all these companies back to the United States.

WHY DOES VENUS Cain feel the need to apologize to the board and not Mr. Scott? She didn't threaten them; she threatened him.

I JUST READ the rant about the postcards of Mr. Kirby. Just skip on over, read his joke and forget the rest of it. It saves you time on reading the newspaper.

A RANT FOR the United States continuing to import goods from China and other countries. Bring back our factories.

A RANT AND a rave for Diamond Lakes Park. We have a good library, a good baseball field, but what about more picnic areas and a good walking trail around the lakes? Andy Cheek, do you live in south Augusta or on Broad Street?

HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED where the money is coming from to pay for this war that is costing millions of dollars daily?

A HUGE RANT for The Augusta Chronicle that it would even consider cutting back on TV Week.

A RANT FOR the Atlanta Braves. Two words describe this team: "They stink."

TO THE INDIVIDUAL who wanted to go 35 mph in a 55 mph zone, that is nothing more than total arrogance on your part.

WE HAD A house guest from Australia. His plane arrived in Augusta six hours late. His departure was to be from Augusta. His flight was delayed two times and then, three hours later, it was completely canceled. His luggage was left on the tarmac by airport workers and we had a rain shower. All of his belongings were soaking wet. We ended up driving him to Atlanta. I was extremely disappointed and embarrassed.

A RANT ABOUT handicap parking spaces. Just because someone in your family has a handicap tag, it doesn't give you the right to use a handicap parking place.

WHY HASN'T THE paper published my rants about the loud blaring car stereos on Wrightsboro Road between Jimmy Dyess Parkway and Grovetown?

SHAME ON THE city of Augusta for wanting to do this golf thing park or whatever it is. For all that money, they could condemn the law enforcement center and build another one.

YOU DON'T WASH your dog. You don't buy him a flea collar. You don't take him out at night. You don't take him to the vet. But you're convinced Michael Vick is a bad guy. Plus you forgot to spay and neuter again this year. Who is the real bad guy?

TO THE PERSON ranting about beer guzzling bubbas at the drag strip: How dare you stereotype. I bet you guzzle those $1 beers on Thirsty Thursday at the GreenJackets game or guzzle bottles of wine before and after your little opera.

COMMISSIONER ANDY CHEEK wants to extend the canal down to Ellis Street. I say leave it alone and use the money to do repairs downtown and bring business back downtown.

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