Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


HUGE RAVE FOR Stacie, who works at University Hospital in L and D on the third floor on the night shift.

AFTER REVIEWING THE Richmond County Board of Education's Homework Position Statement, Curriculum No. 156, I tried to follow the instructions of "Cut Along Dotted Line" in order to return the signed portion back to the school. The line below these instructions was solid rather than dotted. No wonder our schools are not making progress.

I THINK YIELD SIGNS should be about three times as big as they are now so people can see them.

I WONDER HOW many children we will eventually find who belong to James Brown.

WHEN WILL AUGUSTANS realize that we need to stop relying on our "leaders" to get things done around here? The private sector needs to take the initiative.

I'M A SOUTHERNER and have been for all of my 53 years. "Honey" and "sweetie" are not a "Southern thing." They are expressions by less educated and less cultured people who assume they can become more familiar with someone than good etiquette allows. By the way, "etiquette" means "manners" in the Southern dialect.

BARBARA PULLIAM SAYS, "If you don't get it (education) Monday through Friday, what makes you think you'll get it in a couple of hours on Saturday?" Clearly, more class time should produce more educated students. But Ms. Pulliam is onto something. If you don't "get it" from Monday through Friday, maybe you're one of the vast majority of students who are not supposed to go to college.

TO THE GRANDPA who has no dictionary - "alien" simply means foreign. It has nothing to do with whether the alien is from Mexico or from the moon.