Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


WITH ALL THE TEMPERATURES over 100 degrees, does this prove Al Gore is right about global warming?

A RAVE TO THE person driving the red Corvette with the licence plate TommyT. Thank you so much for stopping and helping me change my tire. You had such beautiful teeth and a wonderful smile. One other thing, are you married?

THE TAXPAYERS OF Richmond County do not, I repeat, do not want a drag strip, and we don't need another baseball stadium. There's nothing wrong with the one we've got, and they can't even fill that one up.

WITH REGARD TO THE FIFTH STREET Bridge closing, the cheapest way would be to put those concrete barriers at each end of the bridge, leaving the sidewalks open that have been clearly marked, and have it only open for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

I WORK FOR THE Richmond County Health Department, and we deal with more than a hundred clients a day. With the school rush, everyone waited to the last minute. They came in with bad attitudes, and we get no support.

IN THE REAL LIFE, the Augusta commissioners have built nothing, not even a courthouse.

TO THE PERSON WHO wrote to the speeders passing through Ivy Falls, the speed limit is 25 mph, not 65. That goes for Goshen Plantation, too, including Richmond County sheriff's officers who live in Goshen Plantation apartments.

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