Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


COLUMBIA COUNTY ain't bad, but have you tried to drive there? It's a madhouse.

I WAS A PATIENT at Trinity Hospital. From pre-op to the day I was dismissed after surgery, everyone I came in contact with was so helpful. Thanks again.

A RANT FOR THE BILLBOARD featuring Gwen Fulcher Young on the Calhoun Expressway. Her eyes follow my car and it looks like she wants to eat me!

ON THE WAY to Hilton Head recently, we read signs in South Carolina saying $1,000 fine and prison term for littering streets and roads. We should have the same law in Georgia.

A RAVE FOR James B. at Verizon. Thank you for helping out me and my daughter with her cell phone.

I COULD HAVE told CBS that Katie Couric wasn't going to win them the evening news ratings. The evening news is depressing enough without that sad sack giving the news.

HEY, NEIGHBOR, THAT police report you filed was totally a lie. I wonder if your employer would like to know what you are into?

TO THE IDIOT ranter who thinks the Republican ship is sinking. The only Rats we have thrown off our ship are DEMO-RATS!

IN RESPONSE TO comments by Frank Spears that not enough Columbia County voters came out to support Whitehead: That's true but the real truth is that many of us, Columbia County Republicans, are fed up with the likes of Whitehead, Ron Cross, Mercer and others.

IS IT NECESSARY in the Your Faith newspaper section, to use the radfem, anti-God, left wing "his or her" that only shows where the radfems have proven successful with their frightening political correctness campaign?

A HUGE RANT to the people advocating spending a small fortune to keep the Golf Hall of Fame open. You should be more concerned about the homeless adults and children who have nowhere to sleep.

A RANT TO the person who thinks travel ball is a waste and callin' people suckers. My daughter was at a softball tournament one weekend, college-sponsored, and she had two college scouts come up to her. So no, we're not wasting our money. I'm sorry about your son.

PEOPLE WHO WILL go to the polls in a runoff election are the people who want honest government and will go the extra mile to receive it.

RANT FOR the Richmond County DMV in South Augusta. It needs to be relocated to a new building or remodeled. I recently went to renew my tags and the temperature inside the building was too hot. Employees and clients should not have to be exposed to this extreme heat on a daily basis.

THIS IS A RANT to the person complaining about speeders on Wrightsboro road between Dyess parkway and Grovetown. This individual is probably one of the people I get stuck behind everyday going 35 mph in a 55 mph zone. That road is marked 55 mph and you are probably one of the people who are totally unaware of that.

RANT TO the Richmond County Sheriffs department for not seeing it in their hearts to recognize the American flag nor the national anthem during the recent drag boat races. Shame on you.

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