Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I USED TO ENJOY watching the Channel 12 WRDW news in the morning, but it seems to be getting sillier.

HEADLINE: "Sex is down among teens." Who actually knows such stuff?

A RANT FOR The Chronicle. I see that your editorials have flip-flopped and joined the curtain rod liberal Democrats and also bashing President Bush. What a shame.

A HUGE RANT FOR TV station 6, who for several years has been trying to make people think that they are Channel 6. They are not Channel 6 in Augusta and they are not Channel 6 in Aiken. WRDW TV 12 is not channel 12. And WAGT 26 is not channel 26. So, therefore, we can't believe that News Channel 6 is Channel 6. It's 2 in most places and 8 in Aiken.

I THINK THEY should honor our late congressional representative, Charlie Norwood, by naming the Augusta VA Hospital the Charles Norwood VA Hospital.

A SUPER RANT to the jerks who put their family pets out on the roadside rather than using an animal rescue organization or shelter. You are heartless.

MY COMPLIMENTS to Sylvia Cooper's great City Ink column. Ms. Cooper, please now investigate some of these other prominent businesses who may not pay their business licenses.

GEORGE BUSH IS DOING the best he can. It's just a shame that the folks who elected him didn't know that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

MY GRANDSON AND I would like to know when illegal immigrants became aliens. We thought aliens were from outer space.

THE CSRA has some of the most rude, inconsiderate, unsafe and unskilled drivers I have ever seen.

RAVE FOR Park Ranger Roosevelt Pough at Cherokee Park in Lincolnton. I had lost a ring that was very valuable (to me), and he found it. The rave is not because he found the ring, but because he displayed such honesty and integrity by returning it!

GEORGIA'S GOVERNMENT has a $600,000,000.00 tax surplus. Way too much. Clearly, taxes are too high.

SOMETHING HAS TO BE done about the emergency room at University Hospital. There are too many people utilizing it instead of a physician's office and causing people who really need to be seen for an emergency situation to have to wait.

FOR ALL THE DRIVERS in the CSRA area that drive without their lights on when it's raining or when it's getting dark: Isn't that the law?

A RAVE FOR Sen. Tommy Moore. He's good for what he's done for North Augusta and the people he represented.

OK, PARENTS, school is starting soon, so let's educate our children to move themselves and their belongings out of the way of oncoming cars while waiting at the bus stop. While we're at it, let's remind ourselves that the streets are already congested with kids and don't need both sides of the street clogged with cars with your children inside. If you can let them run the streets all summer, then they can certainly withstand the elements for 10 minutes while waiting for the bus.