In business travel, lost time mounts

As if missing luggage and flight delays weren't enough, a new survey says business travelers are losing valuable work time in their motor vehicles.


Business travelers waste an average of 1 hours per trip in traffic jams, driving around lost and waiting to pay tolls, according to a survey of more than 6,000 business travelers conducted by Avis.

The study, which was released last month, showed that 81 percent of those surveyed spent almost 44 minutes sitting in traffic on trips where they rented a vehicle.

About half of that number said they spent more than 30 minutes driving around lost, and 55 percent said 12 minutes a trip went to waiting in line to pay transit tolls.

Respondents also complained about the time they wasted on slow Internet connections and during the search for faster broadband connections and Wi-Fi hot spots.

Avis spokesman John Barrows said the survey was distributed to about 42,000 Avis customers in May.

He said the survey was done in part to gauge the need for several products, such as GPS navigation systems, which Avis and other rental car companies offer to customers.

"Realistically, it drives you crazy whether you are at home or on the road," he said. "If you lose up to half a business day over the course of your trip, that's the time you're just not being able to get your work done."

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