Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I DON'T UNDERSTAND - the Richmond County police receive the Hometown Heroes Award for going out of their way to do their job?

TO THE RANTER that said Columbia County has turned into a speed-trap. The answer is simple - the only people that have to worry are those that speed. Apparently, you are a speeder.

SCHOOLS DON'T FAIL. People fail. Unless there is a positive working relationship between home and school, students will continue to fail. Placing blame doesn't accomplish anything.

PLEASE BE AWARE if you're in south Augusta. Don't cough in my face. You might have AIDS, too, and I wouldn't want to give it to you and sure don't want you to give it to me. So don't be coughing in my face.

HAVE YOU BEEN into the produce department in Wal-Mart in Thomson? Please look for Mr. Seneca - the man with the big smile. I just want to compliment him for his politeness to the customers. It's long overdue.

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