New maps to add towns

By the end of the summer, residents should be able to obtain a new state map that includes Martinez, Evans and many other previously omitted communities.


The revised map, a larger version than one that comes out in January, is being printed and will return about 500 communities that disappeared from state maps a year-and-a-half ago in an effort to reduce cartographic clutter.

A decision was made to bring back the nixed communities, including Evans and Martinez, when some local and state officials became upset in December after learning that some of their localities had been removed.

"All names that were removed are being put back on," said Cissy McNure, a Department of Transportation spokeswoman.

Crystal Paulk-Buchanan, also of the DOT, said the new midyear maps will be distributed to rest areas, parks, schools and government offices.

"Anyone can request us to send them maps," Ms. McNure said.

To request a new Georgia map once they're being distributed, call the DOT's Office of Transportation Data at (770) 986-1436 or visit its Web site at Click the "Transportation Maps" link at the left and go to the bottom for an online request form.

As many as two copies will be provided free.

The 2006 map was printed in November and distributed in January.

A large-print version was distributed last summer without the 500 communities listed.

The erased communities will show up on this year's midyear map and on next year's also, which will be printed in November and distributed in January.

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