Aiken work nears finish

Michael Snyder/Staff
The fountain in downtown Aiken is nearing completion.

AIKEN - After nearly four months, traffic in downtown Aiken will be back to normal this week with the completion of the city's new fountain.


"It would have been done last week, but some of the parts that we had were mismatched, and we had to order some new parts," said Larry Morris, the director of public works.

In April, city crews tore out the crumbling fountain at the intersection of Laurens Street and Richland Avenue and constructed a new one in its place.

"The stone around it has been beat up severely over the years and getting that stone has become increasingly difficult," Mr. Morris said.

The inner-workings - the water line and power supply - of the fountain also needed to be replaced.

The construction wasn't the public work crew's biggest challenge - it was the traffic. At least one lane always had to be open.

The construction crew also had to make sure they put the new fountain exactly in the center of the intersection to avoid creating a traffic pinch point.

Construction originally was expected to last about eight weeks, but because of parts issues and the crews being pulled for some emergency work, the fountain ran about two weeks behind schedule, Mr. Morris said.

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