Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


ABANDON SHIP, Republicans - grab your lifeboats! Capt. George W. Bush's Ship of State is foundering on the rocks and is headed for Davy Jones' locker. Even bilge rats have the instinct for self-preservation and will abandon a doomed vessel.

A RAVE for The Augusta Chronicle for getting rid of some of these lame cartoons. I wish we could have some of the classic ones we used to have. Keep on cutting the bad ones.

A RANT AGAINST the people that criticize this war. I wonder if they realize that the Carter administration didn't do any better. And President Clinton. President Bush finally did something when it comes to 9-11. Bush is doing something good, and other presidents did not.

IT WOULD BE SO NICE if someone would build an IHOP and a hotel on Tobacco Road.

I WAS WONDERING if anybody else in Augusta had noticed that Columbia County has a policeman on every corner that is ready to pull someone over for the smallest thing just to give them a ticket? Maybe we should put a sign on each end of the county and let people know that it is now a speed trap and to watch yourself.

CRYING BABIES and cell phone use are now OK at the Public Library Computer area. If you complain, one of the employees will make you look like the bad guy.

WORRYING ABOUT WHERE sex offenders live is pointless. Get our soft state Legislature to order castration for convicted offenders, and the problem is solved! We all know that recidivism is approximately 100 percent for these people.

A RANT TO ANY SALON that allows parents to leave their young children unattended in the lobby while they receive service.