Parolee accused of scam

Cynthia O'Tyson: Convicted forger and thief is wanted by two counties for questioning on new charges.

Richmond and Columbia County investigators are searching for a woman accused of stealing more than $80,000 by deceiving her friends and neighbors since April.


Cynthia O'Tyson is wanted on two felony counts of theft by deception in Richmond County and one felony count in Columbia County, authorities said Wednesday.

And there are more to come.

Investigator Anita Hopson, who is pursuing the case for Richmond County, said Ms. O'Tyson posed as an employee of a fake inventory company called Wholesale Liquidators.

Representing that company, she took orders, checks and cash for everything from iPods to washing machines, investigators said.

"I have a bad feeling it's going to get huge," Investigator Hopson said.

The suspect is believed to have convinced at least one victim to take about $50,000 from church members, friends and co-workers.

"One of these victims who thought he knew her, she talked him into this and said, 'Come on, get your friends together,'" Investigator Hopson said.

"He gives her the orders, he gives her the money, and of course there is no product."

Ms. O'Tyson is on parole for forgery and theft charges that sent her to jail for more than two years in 1999.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Investigator Hopson at (706) 821-1080.

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