Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


WHILE READING the Rants & Raves this morning I suddenly felt like I was in the zoo and all the monkeys were on the outside calling in.

IF OUR COMMISSIONERS don't get busy and try to work with the Medical College people to make some more room down here, they're going to end up in Athens.

TO THE PERSON complaining about Bush and the war: I don't want war, either, but at least he's not a coward like Clinton. They bombed the Towers and the USS Cole and Clinton was too busy with his sex life to protect the country.

FOR ALL THE Southern belles who keep calling me "Honey" or "Sweetie," I would prefer "yes" or "no." I don't like it and neither does my wife.

A HUGE RANT to just about every food delivering business in the city of Grovetown.

TO THE WRITER who said Abe Lincoln had nothing to do with the Civil War. That is like saying that King George had nothing to do with the original American Revolution.

DAILY POLL: What do you think about the early start to the 2008 presidential race? How about stupid? Take some of the millions they spend and help our troops.

I AM A NAIL TECHNICIAN who loves to do pedicures. Just a strong reminder during flip-flop season: Please, please, please, get a pedicure before subjecting the whole word to nasty cracked feet!

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