Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I REALIZE THE police force is short-staffed, but please enforce the laws regarding tinted windows, profanity in front of minors and noise control (loud stereos). This would solve a lot of quality of life and criminal mischief problems that are driving good people away from Richmond County.


A RANT TO those complaining about foreign language programs in schools. People in this area can't even speak their own language.

WHAT IS IT going to take to get some other form of a warning on the sharp curve on Old Belair Road? Flashing lights? There is a sharp curve sign there now, but it's not enough!

I AM AN ACTIVE member at the Family Y on Wheeler Road and have been for several years. They have had a string of vehicle robberies and they warn us of the danger with flyers. For what we pay a month, why don't they have security?

I WOULD LIKE to know why convicted murderer Renaldo Rivera is still in jail with the taxpayers paying his room and board for all these years.

THIS IS A RANT for Mayor Copenhaver. It's too bad the Signal Corps unit was leaving last week to go to Iraq for 15 months. Grovetown Mayor Trudeau was there, why wasn't Mayor Copenhaver? That was a big, big disappointment for all of us, including the troops.

THIS IS TO the person writing the letter about the Patriots Park Fourth of July event. The reason they didn't turn the lights on at the fairgrounds afterwards is because there was another fireworks show, as you should have written seeing as how you were obviously there. I, myself, parked at Patriots Park and I only arrived 15 minutes before the fireworks started. And there were plenty of parking places if you were there just to see the fireworks. Columbia County did a wonderful job.

COMMISSIONER MARION Williams lied about having a copy of Mr. Russell's computer hard drive. He lied to the sheriff. He lied to the commissioners. He lied to everyone else. He should be censured and removed.

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