Rants and raves

Comments from our readers


TO THE ELECTED mayor and city officials, we the citizens are concerned with the lack of cleanliness of our city. We elected you because we thought you cared about the city and its appearance. We have laws in place that are not being followed by business owners, and those same laws are not being enforced by city officials. The managers of our city departments are not holding these employees accountable for the job they do as far as "cleaning" the city. Instead of raising taxes, make DUI and indecent exposure violators perform community service such as picking up litter on the side of the roads.

THIS IS A RANT for the Augusta Commission for once more failing to approve the building of the convention center. The Marriott Hotel Corp. is one of the most respected in the hospitality management industry and would perform in a manner which would bring conventions to Augusta. They will not do it gratis. And if you want a first-class operation, you must pay for a first-class operation. In the meantime, building costs are going up and they will be unable to build the convention center for the allocated monies. Please, commissioners, do something.

A RANT TO THE U.S. Postal Service in Martinez. For two years, my mailbox door has not been shut by the postal worker. For this amount of time I have had my mail be wet, people drive by on a busy street next to mine and have the door open for anyone to stop and look in my mailbox.

THE GEORGIA STATE lottery is fast becoming a scam. It beats so many people in Georgia out of so much money. And they do not allow jackpot winners to be from Georgia. They're always from up North or out West. I say, save your money. It's worse than the payday lenders in Georgia.

SOUTH AUGUSTA is not a slum. Crime happens everywhere, including downtown Augusta, and the city insists on putting everything down there. There are a number of businesses that have been in south Augusta for 40-50 years, Sconyers, T's Restaurant, Barney's Pharmacy, and the late Jim Watson, who founded Sunbelt Nissan, lived off Peach Orchard and Windsor Spring roads until he died. And as far as I know, his widow still lives there. I'm sure they could've lived in West Lake if they'd wanted to.

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