Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


COME ON, SYLVIA, give Tax Commissioner Jerry Saul a break. It's a long drive from Brandon Wilde to the office at the Marble Palace every day.

IN RESPONSE to the rant about the fishing tournament on July 4th at Wildwood Park: This boater really has a lot to talk about. He is probably one of those once-a-year boaters and has no idea about Clarks Hill or Wildwood Park. This lake is supported by our local fishermen. I wonder how much this boater supports Columbia County or Wildwood Park. What he needs to do is take up fishing and keep his smart remarks to himself.

THE MONUMENTS in town are places of honor, which should not be defaced by skateboarders. The boys should have been reprimanded, not featured in the newspaper.

ENOUGH WITH the complaints against the state mental health services! Yes, there's room for improvement, but instead of griping, how about coming out to the front lines and asking how you can help? Physical, environmental and moral support would be appreciated for the people who are taking care of your families and friends.

THIS IS A RAVE for whoever was responsible for cleaning the gang graffiti off the buildings on Laney-Walker Boulevard.

A RANT TO THE PEOPLE who leave their yard sale signs up for a year. Are you really that lazy to go pick them up? It looks very trashy and confuses people trying to find an actual sale. It's OK to put them up to have your sale, but take them down afterwards.

A RANT FOR THOSE who leave buggies in the parking lot to roll into other people's cars. I so hope someone causes damage to your cars in return. See if you like it. They should really start ticketing people with big fines for leaving them because by the time you see your damage they have already left. Maybe heavy fines will make people put them up.

A HUGE RANT to an employee of a local exterminator who took my earrings, a birthday gift from my husband many years ago. Now you have them, and I do not. A huge rave for you if you will put them in an envelope and leave them on our front porch - no questions asked.

NEVER INVEST in an organization that cannot grow its chief executives from within. The Richmond County school system and the Medical College of Georgia are on a downhill treadmill.