Tardy tax bill settled

Marion Williams owed $2,663.66 in taxes, penalties and interest.

Delinquent 2006 property taxes on three properties owned by Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams have been paid , according to Richmond County Tax Commission records.


The taxes were paid in cash Friday by a man who did not want credit for paying the $2,663.66 in taxes, penalties and interest, the clerk said.

When contacted by The Augusta Chronicle on Thursday, Mr. Williams said that he wasn't able to get to the tax office and make the payment himself. He refused to identify the person who paid the taxes for him.

"I paid late penalties and interest," he said. "There were no favors. There was no waiver. And I just owed one year. If I was two or three years late, it would be different."

Mr. Williams' unpaid property taxes have been a target in a lawsuit filed by community activist Woody Merry, who contended Mr. Williams was in violation of his oath of office because he owed back taxes.

Contacted Thursday, Mr. Merry said it was intolerable for someone else to pay Mr. Williams' taxes.

"At this time, I don't know if this is illegal, but it sure appears to be," he said.

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