Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


EARLY IN THE WEEK, we were informed that there would be a large increase in the cost of milk. On the front page of the paper, we were told about the medical benefits of milk. Now that is quite a coincidence.

I COULDN'T SLEEP at 1:30 in the morning. I called Comcast because the television control wouldn't work. A nice lady gave me advice on how to fix it.

I WOULD LIKE to know how you could call or whom you would call to report the illegal immigrants working in a neighborhood.

THERE IS A MINI MALL on the corner of Central Avenue and Merry Street. The parking lot is dirty; trash and weeds are everywhere. It is a bad sight for the neighborhood. I'm sure the people living there are as tired of it as we are, and we just have to pass by it. Why can't the city get it cleaned up?

I AM SORRY that I voted for Bush. I wish I could take my votes back.

HOW DID A beautiful word like gay come to describe homosexuals? You can't even use the word anymore.

OUR MAYOR NEEDS to take a look at the trash up and down Bobby Jones. It's a disgrace.

BIG RAVE to the people of Columbia County for picking a superintendent from among their own, unlike the ignorant people of Richmond County. It's going to be another Charles Larke all over again, at the taxpayers' expense.

THIS IS A RAVE AND A big thank you to Kmart for its great support and interest in our service personnel.

LOOKS LIKE we're having trouble getting the airport to work. Maybe we need a new terminal.

HAS THE DOWNTOWN Development Authority considered that the marketplace should dictate what's downtown? If good businesses go there, the area will prosper; if not, it won't. It won't require more tax money since those businesses, good or bad, will pay their own way. The only place the taxpayer should be involved is when his money goes toward law enforcement. Clearly, an additional property tax is absurd. Any time government gets involved, it's going to head downhill fast.

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