Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


RAVES TO SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, the NBA basketball player. He is doing so much fine work, and most of it doesn't get recognized. Now he has a television program about fighting obesity in young people. I'm a fan of his and I often write him from Harlem. What a fine person he is!

DO NOT ANSWER YOUR phone while in the ladies room. Do you think the person you are talking with needs to hear bathroom sounds? Do you think the other people in the other stalls are comfortable? You can always call them back later after your hands are washed and you have left the restroom. Get a clue and let it ring!

ALL SCHOOLS IN COLUMBIA County should have an elementary Spanish program, not just Stevens Creek. If the school board is going to fund them, why not everybody else? They are not the only elementary school in the county.

THIS IS A RAVE TO THE person ranting about somebody stealing their doughnut. That is so funny. I can taste that doughnut right now!

I AM CALLING ABOUT the new superintendent that the Richmond County School Board hired. It seems strange that they would hire someone who has worked as a superintendent four times in the last eight years. I don't think they made a good decision on that.

THIS IS A RANT. NSA HAD a credit union planned for their new building on Fort Gordon. Now, they don't. It is really needed. What happened?

IT'S FUNNY TO ME HOW people are so eager to say, let the Mexicans clean this and do this because it's a job that Americans feel is beneath them. But you are quick to say that you don't want them here. Think about that before you start talking about who doesn't deserve to be in the country.

THIS IS A RANT FOR Jefferson Electric who is still running commercials on television as if they are competing with someone for our service. You have a monopoly. What needs to happen, is the state government needs bring in more competition so we can get better service. It doesn't make sense to run the commercials now. Put the money back into the business so that the consumers can benefit from it.

THIS IS A RANT TO deadbeat dads for not taking care of your kids and also a rant to the state of Georgia for not making the deadbeats pay back child support for their child.

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE. To the person who initiated for the shoplifter to stand on Washington Road in front of the Evans Wal-mart during the weekend. This person was holding the sign admitting to shoplifting. Excellent, magnificent and fantastic idea. There should be more of this so others may learn from this experience. I am sure that the heat of 97 degrees was just as much fun as the shoplifting.

REWARDING SOMEONE FOR DOING something illegal is wrong. That is why so many Americans are against any immigration bill that grants amnesty to illegal immigrants, no matter how many there are. Yet, it seems our cries are falling on deaf ears in Washington. They continue to do whatever they want, no matter what the people they represent have to say about it. Wrong is still wrong!

THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE claims it will cost $41.9 million to close the Athens Navy Supply School. Completely absurd. How much does it cost to lock the gate and walk away? Zero! In fact, the property is clearly very valuable, so all they have to do is lock the place and sell the whole kit and kaboodle. Taxpayers will make a profit. N o, the DOD wants to spend $41.9 MILLION on something. Where will those millions go? Into whose pockets?