Police find neglected pit bulls

GARDEN CITY, Ga. - Police have found more than a dozen neglected pit bulls - some of them dead - believed to be linked to a dog-fighting ring.


Police Chief David Lyons said officers this week were investigating some abandoned cars left in a vacant lot between Third and Fourth streets when they found the dogs - 13 in all.

Several of the dogs had died while still chained to a post.

The pit bulls that were found alive were chained inside a makeshift pen, Chief Lyons said. The dogs had no food or water.

All were emaciated and in very bad health, he said, and they were surrounded by trash, weeds and car parts.

Animal Control officers seized the dogs and obtained a court order to have them euthanized.

"They were in too bad shape to help," Chief Lyons said. "Needless to say, the dogs were in deplorable condition and in deplorable surroundings."

Police are talking to witnesses and hope to learn more about the dogs.

"We have long suspected we have a dog-fighting ring," Chief Lyons said. "We can't tie anyone to the dogs but suspect these dogs were involved."