Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT FOR THE sidewalk bikers. What ever happened to the push-them-on-the-sidewalk/pedal-them-on-the-street saying?

THIS RANT IS FOR the Augusta airport. They need to change their saying to fly there and take a bus back home.

THIS IS A RANT about people trying to raise money to save the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame. Who cares about that when we have more important projects in our community, such as the Augusta Youth Center? They couldn't pay to keep their gas on at one time. And now it's looking worse and falling apart as time passes. Where are the individuals who will step up for the youth of our community instead of always looking out for those with deep pockets?

I HAVE A RANT about the doctors who want to cut all the Medicaid patients out. Twenty years ago, they sucked all the Medicaid dry, and they treated those patients better than people with regular insurance. But now they have Sonny Perdue in the mix, and he's cutting all the medical programs out. Maybe they got what they asked for.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rant about needing a grocery store on Highway 25. I also know that we desperately need one out here at the Target shopping center in the Wheeler Road area. We have no grocery store at all since Winn-Dixie closed. We have a new electronic store that we don't need, and now there are three of them together. We need another grocery store.

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