Father at campsite hurls log, kills bear

HELEN, Ga. - A camping trip to Low Gap Camp Grounds turned into a harrowing experience for Chris Everhart and his three sons when they tangled with a 300-pound black bear.


But the encounter last weekend proved fatal for the bear.

The bear had taken the Everharts' cooler and was heading back to the woods when 6-year-old Logan hurled a shovel at it.

Fearing what might happen next, the Norcross father and ex-Marine grabbed the closest thing he could find - a log.

"(I) threw it at it, and it happened to hit the bear in the head," Mr. Everhart said. "I thought it just knocked it out, but it actually ended up killing the bear."

The man was given a ticket for not securing his campsite, said Ken Riddleberger, a region supervisor for game management with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Mr. Riddleberger said some U.S. Forest Service agents were at the camp issuing a citation in an unrelated case. They got to the scene in a few minutes and verified what happened, he said.

Mr. Riddleberger said fines are usually set by counties, but Mr. Everhart's will be set by the federal government because the incident happened on federal property.