Rants and raves

THIS IS A RANT to the idiot thing about people using cell phones in the restaurant. I agree they should not be used in church or a library - but a restaurant? Let me know what restaurant you sit at, so I can sit right next to you and use my phone. Get a life!


THIS IS A MESSAGE for Mayor Copenhaver concerning the Golf Hall of Fame. I think the money could be spent more on cutting the grass on Marks Church Road or putting in a sidewalk. We need more public safety, and that should be top priority, instead of a Golf Hall of Fame or having a James Brown museum.

THIS IS A BIG RANT for dog owners who walk their dogs on retractable leashes and allow them to urinate and poop in other people's yards. When I walk my dog, she does not go in anyone else's yard, and I would appreciate the same courtesy.

THIS IS A RANT to everyone who has a mailbox on the street. How do you expect police, fire or EMS to find you when the numbers on your mailbox are too small, peeling off, covered up by plants, faded or on the wrong side of the box? People need to get numbers that are 3 inches high, reflective and put them on both sides of the box. The post office is not the only one that uses your mailbox. If you don't do that, you have no right to complain when emergency personnel take too long to get to you.

IF WE ARE SO WORRIED about our water levels right now, then why was the county landscape at Washington and Furys Ferry running its sprinklers while it was raining? A few businesses are doing the same thing. Why should they get to slide?

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