Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS FOR THE WELFARE system. If you made the fathers pay child support, then you would have to pay out half as much as you do.

THIS IS TO ALL THE PEOPLE who water on the days they aren't supposed to: This doesn't help the water shortage, and you need to water on the days that you are supposed to.

THIS IS ABOUT phone numbers that were put in the newspaper to report people in Richmond County who are not abiding by the water restrictions. I called both numbers, and they gave me an automated service that would call me back the next day or maintenance office numbers. I didn't get through to report the violations.

REP. BEN HARBIN is not a role model for our young Republicans. I think instead of thanking God he wasn't hurt when he was drunk, he ought to thank God he didn't hurt any innocent bystanders. What is this man thinking?

SURELY, YOU DON'T suggest that the cops give each other a break because of their stickers? Certainly not in Augusta; heaven forbid!

I HAVE COME TO THE conclusion that abuse of power is a disease that radically affects those in power.

A RAVE TO ALL THE local businesses, especially cemeteries and funeral homes, that fly our flag high but can't seem to lower it to half staff in honor of those who gave all to keep it flying high.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the 18 residents of Country Club Hill, who proudly displayed their American flags on Memorial Day. It's a shame that so few took the advantage to display loyalty for those who have paid oftentimes with their lives, and the others still fighting, for our country. I hope they do the same on July Fourth.

I HAVE A RANT TO PEOPLE who think they are experts on war, including Hollywood and most of the politicians in Washington. You people do not have a clue, so stop mouthing off about our soldiers. I think we should have a draft, starting with Hollywood and then the colleges.

ROLLER SKATE SHOES should not be allowed in public buildings. When parents buy these for their children, they should realize that stores and government buildings spend a lot of time waxing their floors. The skate shoes create scuffs on the floors and ruin the finish. I've also seen children pushing people out of their way as they careen out of control through stores and libraries. Parents need to take responsibility for their children and leave the skate shoes at home.

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