Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


GANGSTAS JUST DON'T listen to rap music. They listen to country, rock'n' roll and opera. Doo rags aren't just for making a statement. It actually took the place of homemade ones called stocking caps that help create a wave pattern in black men's hair. There are two other gangs I've heard of in the Augusta area called The Dixie Mafia and The Masons, with signs, symbols, dress attire and don't forget criminal activity.

WHISKEY ROAD IS almost totally gridlocked by traffic and has been for a long time. Each administration passes the problem on to the next and nothing gets done except more studies. The city fathers have told us that the new developments do not add to the traffic. They spent over half a million dollars in various studies proving that there is no increase in traffic due to these developments. There must be a guilty facility responsible for the increase. They should be made to figure the solution to the problem and pay for the entire corrective construction project.

THIS IS REGARDING the flag at the adult store on Gordon Highway. The person that complains about it, should ride down there. That flag has been down for some time now.

MARION WILLIAMS IS addicted to attention. Don't support his habit; ignore him.

SPEEDING DEPUTIES do not frighten me. Speeders who have no respect for themselves or the laws is what terrifies me.

AS A BLACK PERSON, I will admit that there are some blacks that are always pulling the race card. But most of us don't until someone confronts us and we have to defend who we are. Blacks as a people will not grow if we don't stop letting what other people say continue to bring us down.

I AGREE WITH THE PEOPLE who say that Jim Whitehead would make a good congressman. But I don't agree with giving up a position that you just got to run for something bigger and better, like Bob Young did. It's not fair for the taxpayers to have to foot the bill for a special election.

HOW COULD SENIORS at Butler High School ever graduate and be productive and self-sufficient when they are still being suspended for every minor thing they do?

I AM HAVING A HARD TIME supporting this city and the school system. It's an embarrassment beyond measure. I had to grow up in it and now to see a younger generation make it through to middle school and can't even read makes me sick to my stomach.

EVERYBODY IS SO QUICK to call somebody else a foreigner when we were all foreigners to start with when this country was founded.

HOW CAN ANYBODY praise Calvin Holland for anything if they saw how he rude and disrespectful he was on television? He should not have acted that way to the mayor that we elected.

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