District attorney is summoned to court

Andrew Davis Tucker/Staff

Not even the district attorney gets excused from a summons for jury duty.


That's why Danny Craig, the top prosecutor for the Augusta Judicial Circuit, could be seen in civil court this week fulfilling his civic duty.

Mr. Craig reported bright and early Monday to Judge H. Scott Allen's courtroom with a briefcase of paperwork to stay busy.

He was not chosen to participate, which was not the case 20 years ago when he answered a similar summons in federal court.

"I will never forget the day in 1987, when I told my secretary I was going to 'run by the federal courthouse for jury duty' and I would be back in an hour," Mr. Craig wrote Thursday in an e-mail.

"I came back a month later, and it took almost a year before things returned to normal."

He said he has plans for the $25 he earned Monday for reporting to jury service.

"Since I was being paid by the state for the day I served, I think I'll donate my juror compensation back to the county, with the condition that it is to be used to repair the hole in the Superior Court courtroom through which you can see the sky, and rain freely pours."

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