Rants and raves

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THINK BACK OVER the last day, week, month or year. Can you think of one time when you woke up or at any time of the day and thought about a terrorist attack in our town? No, you haven't, and you know why not? President George Bush. How fortunate we are to have a president who does not cave in to politics.

WHEN GEORGE W. BUSH proclaimed the war in Iraq was over, I expected the killing to stop. But there has been more than 3,000 of our troops lost their lives since.

WHY DOES THIS PAPER seem anti-black? I read these Rants & Raves, there is never anything negative about white politicians. Why?

TO THE PERSON who wrote about keeping Hillary out of the White House: YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

A RANT FOR WOODY MERRY. It's time for you to put up or shut up!

I WISH THE COPS would start writing tickets to the people who walk in the road.

DON'T KNOW IF it's just me, but I keep getting the feeling that somewhere, under the table, someone has big plans for Hyde Park.

TO ANYONE WHO thinks being a cashier is a joke job ... step in my shoes and see how you feel when someone treats you (poorly) when you are just trying to do your job and help other people!

I WOULD LIKE to buy a franchise from the Richmond County commission to put jukeboxes all round town, so visitors could drop a quarter in and listen to the city commission meetings.

WESTVIEW CEMETERY is such a mess! It's not maintained as the other city cemeteries are.

A RANT FOR all those do-gooder Democrats who think they know a better way to handle the war in Iraq. "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it."

I UNDERSTAND ALL parents cannot donate money to every charitable event in our schools. I can understand that schools still need money for different things even after using the tax money. I don't understand why they don't get kids to work for the donations like doing something or making items to sell.

I GUESS JAMES BROWN can be compared to Elvis. The public with all its opinions and gossip about James Brown's financial issues is ongoing, even after he has passed away from this Earth.

XTREME FOR TEENS section seems to be written by extreme left-wingers who hate the U.S. and its Constitution.

WE READ THAT now the vastly overpaid President of the University of Georgia has his own "cabinet." What's next, his own army?

I WONDER: Is Ronnie Few gainfully employed?

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