Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


"OFFICIAL SAYS Afghans distrust government." Big deal! Thomas Jefferson didn't trust government. I don't trust government. Those who do deceive themselves.

IF YOU'RE A Columbia County resident and think growth "pays for itself," just count the number of trailers in use at your local school.

I WENT TO WAL-MART in Evans yesterday and had to sort through six or eight shopping carts before I found one that was clean and had four wheels that didn't shake, wobble or thump. Isn't this a multibillion dollar company?

THE IMPERIAL THEATRE did not do justice to the recent production of Secrets To Be Kept. The sound system was woefully inadequate and certainly undermined the valiant efforts of the cast in their effort to "go on with the show."

THIS IS A RAVE for the Continuity Clinic at Medical College of Georgia. The nurses in that clinic are very sweet and compassionate.

WHY WHEN POLICE arrest someone do six or eight of them have to jump in on top of the suspect. Is this really necessary or is this just a way of getting in a sneak punch with the knee?

WHEN YOU CALL our school system four or five times for a meeting with teachers, you get the "runaround" every time.

TEENS STEREOTYPED as thieves; cavities increase in young children. Parents, wake up! When you fail to discipline your child, you set him up for a fall - a double fall in this instance.

IT IS ABSURD that Columbia County's and Augusta's Web sites don't work on Macs. What is wrong with these webmasters?

COLUMBIA COUNTY, it takes you three years to build the Crawford Creek bridge on Columbia Road. It has to take another three years before you start cutting the grass and weeds around that area?

THERE IS ONLY ONE senior center in the Augusta area. Our parents let us have fun one way or the other, so aren't they entitled to the same treatment?

OK, JEFF GORDON. You have had your fun. Please slow down and let Dale Earnhardt Jr. win at least one race.

MUSIC CAN STILL BE empowering and make statements without digging into open wounds and hurting people. Take the '70s and the '80s, for example.

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN to me if I illegally entered Mexico, then openly protested and demanded to be made a citizen?