Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


NOBODY TOLD ME that Austin Rhodes and Don Imus were pen pals.

THE CHRONICLE recently wrote of a "nor'easter," a storm from the southwest that hit New York and New England. This storm was a sou'wester.

COLUMBIA COUNTY IS studying the idea of a study, i.e. it will pay a fee to study fees. The latest study cost a fee and will study two types of fees. Does that mean the county will learn twice as much or that it will leave twice as many questions unanswered?

JOHN EDWARDS pays $400 for one haircut. If he wastes his own money like that, imagine how he'll waste other people's tax money.

IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED like a first-class citizen, contact any of the staff at the GreenJackets office about tickets or go to a game and meet the staff.

PLEASE STOP with the gloom-and-doom and report on the unselfish acts going on in Ware County, Ga., to contain the wildfires.

DON'T WORRY about terrorists destroying America; we're doing it for them.

HARRY REID should be tried as a traitor in time of war. With people such as him as our leaders, you can bet other countries now see us as the Land of the Weak and Home of the Cowards.

NOW THE U.S. wants to build expensive 12-foot-high walls separating Baghdad neighborhoods. That will stop the bad guys - until they find some 10-foot ladders.

WE DO NOT HAVE a justice system in this country anymore. We have a legal system with fine print and loopholes - all from laws designed with lots of political double-talk and overly complicated wording.

A COUNTRY'S LEADER who completely ignores his citizens' wishes and well-being is called a dictator. Sound familiar?

SPORTS HEADLINE: "For die-hard fan, draft is can't-miss spectacle." How far have we fallen when the business of overpaying bone-headed athletes is more "spectacular" than the game itself?

HERE'S A SUGGESTION for the Augusta Housing Authority: Why not put your proposed housing project on the site of Regency Mall? It has great access to public transportation and isn't next door to any neighborhoods.

WGAC STANDS FOR "We've Got Another Commercial." Way too much yap. Now, that's something legitimate for those folks to protest over there on Belair Road.

IF YOUR CAR BREAKS DOWN in the middle of the road, get out, put it in neutral and push! Quit crying with your hazards on.

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