Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE FOR the mom with courage to speak out about Harry Potter in our schools. So it's OK to take God out and put witchcraft in? If you don't believe it, watch the video Under the Spell of Harry Potter by Stephen Dollins, as he exposes all the witchcraft in this series.

A RANT FOR the idiots who drive on Walton Way and get in the right-hand turn-only lane then cut people off to get into the left-hand lane. If you're too stupid to get in the proper lane, then please be smart enough to follow the signs and turn right.

A RAVE for the young lady, Hilary Hopkins, winning the Exchange Club award. She is a fine example of the attitude that is lacking in many of today's youths. The one thing humanity needs in order to survive is our youth asking "what can I do for you" instead of "what can you do for me."

RICHMOND COUNTY SCHOOLS use Voyager Universal Learning reading program. Apparently, it ain't all it's supposed to be. My first-grade class of 1946 learned on Dick and Jane, and we all learned to read ver well.

IT SEEMS THIS WAR has always been about George Bush trying to make a good name for himself. After a few months of fighting, he lied and said we won. And then a few years later, in one month, we have more casualties than ever before.

PEOPLE HERE don't know what a real park is. A real park has swings for toddlers as well as kids and adults; they have sliding boards, seesaws, full and half basketball courts, handball courts, racketball courts, a baseball diamond, some have pools, and last but not least, they have plenty of trees.

THIS IS A RANT for Calvin Holland. Who gave you the position of king of Richmond County?

AN EARLIER RANT stated that nothing was scarier than a Senate, House and presidency in the same party. I think there is: the two parties.

A RANT FOR the lady in Golden Corral on Bobby Jones, sitting in there with your bedroom slippers on. Then I look up and you took your shoes off. That's so disgusting.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Green Meadows' Neighborhood Association. I had some concerns I brought to the president's attention and they were addressed immediately. Not only were my concerns acknowledged openly, I was also treated respectfully, fairly and compassionately. The icing on the cake was the speaker for this month's meeting. I learned a lot from him and my neighbors. This experience gave me hope for the future of our community.

A RAVE FOR the Veteran's Administration hospitals. I have visited several different VA hospitals with my husband and while you may find problems to complain about, be aware that these veterans are not the easiest patients to deal with. A majority of veterans are dealing with numerous health and mental problems, and they do not have a lot of patience. All health care facilities have complaints, and VA facilities are no different. Health care professionals require a great deal of patience when taking care of our soldiers, and they are to be commended for a job well done.

AMAZING HOW IGNORANT and phony leftists are. Now professional sports teams claim they are doing things to help the environment - the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Eagles are doing things like setting up bicycle racks and using "low-emission carpets" and that's going to save the planet? Meanwhile, they burn more gas going to one out-of-town ball game than a lone citizen does in a lifetime. What a bunch of politically correct hypocrites.

THIS IS A RAVE to the Augusta Mall for offering the ID Your Child Kit free of charge Saturday. All the ones working the event were very helpful and kind even when the little ones were very uncooperative.