Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THE GOVERNMENT should allow the people who lost their animals from the poison dog food to sue the companies. It might make them think twice about keeping our food safer.

THIS IS A RANT and a rave. Can we have a "Movies Under The Stars" back? That was so enjoyable to family members.

SOUNDS LIKE U.S. Sen. Harry Reid has stock in a white flag company.

MY NEIGHBORS aren't abiding by the water restrictions. I am, and my lawn is dying.

PRAISE THE LORD for the new name for St. Joseph Hospital: Trinity.

SPEED LIMITS? What a joke. Our law enforcement uses the speed limits as a source of revenue for their respective departments.

IS RICHMOND COUNTY'S noise ordinance going to be enforced? I'm on Martin Luther King Boulevard, and every day all we hear is noise.

I LAUGHED WHEN I READ two articles from the daily briefing page. First, the man calling himself the anti-Christ. The other, just as dangerous, is Hillary Clinton saying that if she is elected, she would appoint Wild Bill as a roaming ambassador to the world. Not so funny after all, is it?

MY RANT IS IN REFERENCE to Jasmine Young. I feel like this young lady should have some type of recognition. She played basketball and stayed on the honor roll. This is why kids drop out. We need to be encouraging her and other children.

THIS IS A RAVE to the Richmond County sheriff's deputies that got the boys who were in the process of a recent robbery and a rant to the punks who think they will continue to get away with it. You won't. We are all watching you!

WHEN THEY PICK children for the pre-K lottery, why is it done behind closed doors? That shows me that there is something hanky-panky about it.

A BIG RAVE to Columbia County for getting out of the pre-K business. Now if we can just close all government schools and do away with teachers' unions, maybe our children will get the education they deserve.

THE IRS ACTUALLY has the gall to "warn" churches to control their freedom of speech and religion or they'll lose their nonprofit status.

WIZARD WEBMASTERS who make sites that don't work with Macs are not wizards at all and should not be paid.

THIS IS A RANT against weight requirements for yard trash. When a 100-pound woman can lift a container to the curb, shouldn't our strong city employees be able to lift the same container from the curb to their truck? If they are unable to lift a container of leaves and yard clippings, maybe they would be better served at a fast-food place flipping burgers.

TO THE PEOPLE posting fliers on downtown Augusta light posts and other public or private property: It looks tacky. Businesses aren't just between 10th and 12th streets, so maybe there should be more flier kiosks.

YET ANOTHER RANT for commissioners: I see you have created a new subcommittee without the citizens' approval or knowledge, and in doing so appointed Commissioner Holland chief of the Gestapo. What a joke you people are to this community and state.

THE ELDERLY of our nation are not bad drivers. They do not, in general, talk on cell phones while driving, drive with excessive speeds, tailgate or multitask while at the wheel.